Ensuring Quality Grains: A Peek into Silo Fumigation with Re-circulation System!

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Step 1: Precision Planning We begin with meticulous planning, calculating precise dosages for our silo dimensions and targeted pests. The right strategy ensures optimal results! Step 2: Expert Execution Our dedicated team of experts implements the fumigation process, evenly distributing the fumigant throughout the silo. Seal-tight for maximum efficacy, we guarantee pest-free grains! Step 3:

Fertilizer cargo. Survey services for MAP shipment to Ukraine.

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  Expertise: Our surveyors possess extensive knowledge in handling and inspecting MAP shipments. We understand the unique characteristics of this fertilizer product, enabling us to conduct accurate and detailed surveys. Quality Assurance: We prioritize the quality of your MAP cargo. Our thorough inspections verify compliance with industry standards and regulations, ensuring you receive a shipment

Export of another excellent quality grain from Bulgaria.

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#Cargo #Surveyor #GAFTA #BULGARIA BULCARGO is Gafta approved superintendent and fumigator, ensuring Quality and Reliability: Quality Assurance: Grain inspections play a vital role in guaranteeing the quality and integrity of the grain being exported. Our team of experienced surveyors meticulously examines the grain cargo, conducting comprehensive assessments to verify its compliance with international quality standards.

Inspection of sulfuric acid

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Safety first! As we load and sample sulfuric acid onto tanker ship, we prioritize rigorous inspections at every step. Our dedicated team ensures proper equipment, leak-proof containers, and strict adherence to safety protocols. Additionally, we perform thorough inspections, including sampling of the shore tank, cleanliness inspection of the vessel's tanks, and checks along the shore

Inspection of vessel with steel rebar (30 000 t.):

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Scope of inspection: - Tally count during loading; - Visual condition during loading (damages, rust, etc); - Reporting on stowing in port (how many tiers, dunnage); - Reporting on packing, strapping (how many bands/wires, diameter); - Reporting on labeling (how much labels per bundle); - Reporting on marking; - Checking of dimensions (length, diameters); -

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We want to highlight the importance of proper inspection during the discharging process of RDF cargo (Refuse-Derived Fuel). The discharging operation is a critical stage that requires meticulous attention to detail to ensure safety and adherence to quality standards, as also to national law. Here's a breakdown of the key aspects: 1️⃣    Tally of the