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BULCARGO is Gafta approved superintendent and fumigator, ensuring Quality and Reliability:

Quality Assurance: Grain inspections play a vital role in guaranteeing the quality and integrity of the grain being exported. Our team of experienced surveyors meticulously examines the grain cargo, conducting comprehensive assessments to verify its compliance with international quality standards. By upholding strict quality control measures, we safeguard the reputation of grain traders in the global market.

Loading Supervision: During the loading process, our surveyors closely monitor each stage to ensure proper handling and loading techniques. We verify that the appropriate safety protocols are followed, preventing contamination and maintaining the grain’s quality throughout its journey.

Sampling and Analysis: Accurate sampling and analysis are integral to the inspection process. Our surveyors employ precise sampling techniques, collecting representative grain samples throughout loading and perform spot analyses. This thorough monitoring guarantees the accurate representation of the grain’s quality.

Documentation and Certification: As surveyors, we provide comprehensive documentation and certification services. We prepare detailed inspection reports, including all relevant information, such as cargo condition, weight, and quality test results. These reports serve as valuable evidence of compliance with contractual obligations and provide assurance to buyers and sellers alike.

⚖️ Dispute Resolution: In the rare event of a dispute or discrepancy, our surveyors act as impartial experts, conducting thorough investigations and providing unbiased assessments. Our expertise allows us to facilitate fair resolutions, ensuring that the interests of all parties involved are considered and protected.

Value-added Services: Beyond inspections, we offer a range of value-added services tailored to meet the specific needs of grain traders. These services include pre-shipment inspections, fumigation and fumigation monitoring, and vessel hold cleanliness inspections. By leveraging our expertise, traders can enhance their operational efficiency, reduce risks, and maintain the highest standards of quality.