Agricultural use of drone

„Bulcargo“ Ltd. is one of the first Bulgarian companies to offer “Drone spraying of agricultural land”. The machine is equipped with a high-pressure pump that precisely controls the quantity of the detergent in use. The fan-shaped nozzles are extremely accurate and guarantee high-efficiency spray, while the downward wind enhances the penetration effect and swings the leafs up and down to spray farming chemicals on both sides.

• Highly efficient spraying system
• Folding design
• Autopilot
• Auto-obstacle avoidance
• Terrain tracing

Widely applicable

The drone  can be used to on various cultures such as:
• Rice
• Wheat
• Corn
• Soy
• Vegetables• Fruit trees
• Veins

Thanks to its innovative design, large areas of land and crops can be sprayed quickly, effectively and cost-efficient.

Equipped with millimeter-wave radar terrain tracing, the machine is suitable for all terrains. The best height-to-crop ratio is 1.5-3 meters, while height location range can be 0-20 meters. Its intelligent remote control lets the operator control the speed in a 0 to 8m/sec range as well as the quantity of the sprayed chemical.

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