During transportation, cargo units are exposed to different external influences, depending on the transportation type – maritime, vehicular, railway, air or multimodal. It is a well-known fact that appropriate lashing and securing of the cargo is vital for the transportation process.

„BULCARGO” LTD performs lashing of cargo on board ships, carrying steel sheets, steel coils, equipment, heavy and/or overgauge cargo that requires specialized knowledge, techniques, materials and skills.

We have invested in specialized equipment for lashing and unlashing. Our work is in accordance with the latest trends and complies with the requirements of classification organizations, all while maintaining healthy and safe working conditions free from fire hazards.

The continuous training of our staff of all levels is part of our quality management program, which is implemented to ensure the continued uncompromising satisfaction of our customers’ highest demands . The company issues certificates that guarantee the quality of our lashing and unlashing work.

укрепване на товар на кораб