During transportation, cargo units are exposed to different external influences, depending on the transportation type – maritime, vehicular, railway, air or multimodal. It is a well-known fact that appropriate lashing and securing of the cargo is vital for the transportation process.

BULCARGO Ltd. has a team of specialist in the area of lashing of goods, loaded on containers type Flat rack, Open top container, General Purpose container, High Cube etc.
Our lashing materials type CORDLASH POLYESTER WOVEN LASHING TYPE CW200, are with the following parameters, according to certificate № 1360-2009-17490-147-21/16.12.2009, issued by Germanisher Lloyd:

Overall system breaking strength testing of Cordstrap poliester woven lashing type CW200 in a closed loop in combination with buckle DLB12:
• Average actual strrenght – 9421 daN / 21178 lbs.
Linear breaking strength testing of Cordlash polyester woven lashing type CW 200:
• Average actual strength – 5779 daN / 12992 lbs.