Bulcargo Ltd provides innovative pest solutions through our quality fumigants, fumigation supplies, and outstanding service. We support others in the industry through product knowledge, back them with world class education and training, and ship orders with a sense of urgency.

Long-time experience in the filed of fumigation would allow us to perform operations according to all principles of safety for health and life of people staying close to the fumigated facilities and for products stored in these facilities.
Fumigation includes disinfection of:

  • food staff and raw materials  /grain, cereals, flour, tobacco, fruits, vegetables etc./
  • empty storehouses /warehouses, workshops, silo towers, storehouses, elevators, trucks, carriages, marine containers, holds of ships etc./
  • non-food materials /stuffed animals, fur, wool, paper archives, libraries, antiquities, furniture, wares from wood, paper, carton or other short-lived materials/

Our customers include Cereal and Grain Farmers, Merchants, Grain Store Facilities, Intervention, Grain Co-operatives, Grain Import & Export, Animal Feed, Ships and Holds, Port Health Authorities, Shipping Lines and Freight Forwarders, Food Processing and manufacturing, Storage and warehousing facilities.

Our local expert fumigation technicians can provide a next day service 365 days a year.

Deratization is the complex of methods oriented on reducing of quantity and eradication of murine rodents which are dangerous agents and carriers of infections coursed diseases and economic damage.

We develop and implement individual protection programs of facilities against damaging vertebrate land and aquatic animals, with conservation of protective periods and areas of species under partial protection, with respect for environmental protection regulations.

Bulcargo Ltd  assist You to get rid with rodents in Your building and outdoor within shortest term. We use various methods of rodents control and work with preparation safe for human and environment. We apply mainly non-chemical methods of control without poisoning lures. We always look for special way of problem resolving properly to needs of every single client.
Consultations are available from experts in sanitary and epidemiological and veterinary prophylaxis DDD.

All services are provided according to current standards, state of the art and effective regulations, requirements of the human and animal health safety and in respect for the natural environment

Desinfection is the complex of methods oriented on eradication of agents of infection diseases and saprophytes from environment and interruption of infection transferring. Disinfection is provided by different methods (physical, chemical etc.)

Bulcargo specialists provide high quality performance of disinfection even in hard achievable places of the building removing all types of microbes. We process object with irrigation, rubbing, cleaning, misting (cold or hot mist) and other ways depending from results of initial inspection, peculiarities of the building and other factors, determining the final result of the process.

Bulcargo Ltd technicians from microbes control provide processing within the shortest terms with high professional equipment and special preparation with deodorizing effect and safe for human.

Our specialists got familiar with methods of microbes control for:

  • Food industry enterprises, including equipment and manufacturing lines;
  • Agricultural enterprises like cattle-breeding farms, battery farms, production areas, storage rooms;
  • Different tanks like terminals and tankers including tanks for food staff;
  • Different means of transport like river and sea ships, air liners, rolling stocks, containers, trucks;
  • Warehouses and logistic centres;
  • Medical and educational establishments.

Insect control is the complex of methods and meanings for abatement with insects which are agents of infection diseases and harm food staff, agricultural products, manufacturing and accommodation facilities.

Bulcargo Ltd technicians from pest control provide anti insects processing with different ways including mist irrigation, jell application and baits displacing.Our specialists apply only modern and safe for environment and humans preparations and technologies. We carefully select necessary preparations responded to individually needs of every client.