BULCARGO LTD is a well-established privately owned company providing independent surveying and consultancy services to the Marine and Insurance industries based on extensive practical experience.
A wide range of services are provided, including:


  • P & I surveys: General condition/Cargo/Hull surveys.
  • Pre-purchase marine surveys.
  • Bunker on/off hire surveys.
  • Containers: Damage & on/off hire surveys.
  • Ships: on/off hire survey.
  • Preloading and post-discharging surveys.
  • Lashing survey.
  • Hold cleanliness inspections.
  • Draft and ullage surveys.
  • Condition survey.
  • Hull & Machinery survey.

BULCARGO Ltd has been traditionally involved in handling matters concerning merchandise circulated in different locations. As it naturally appears from the fact that the Head Office is situated in the port city of Varna and such merchandise proves here to be primarily designed for transportation by sea as maritime cargo, the attention of the company was directed to more complete satisfying of the comprehensive necessities of maritime business. The activities offered by our Maritime Operations Department BULNAVI Services to accomplish this goal of our staff are as follows:

  • Magnetic compass adjustment.
  • Ships’ speed trials, for both newly-built and ships after repairs.
  • Maintenance and repairs of electrical navigational and radio equipment
  • Preparing ship’s stowage plan for grain and dangerous cargoes with certification at the Port Maritime Administration.
  • Nautical Publications and navigational charts supply.
  • Chart corrections.
  • Electronic Charts supply, GEPPESEN (C-MAP) distributor.
  • Commercial assessment of capital assets.
  • Marine insurance claims assessment: Cargo/Hull/Machinery.

The personnel of BULCARGO Ltd. consists of seagoing Masters with more than 10 years experience in Bulgarian and foreign flag companies, ship engineers and hull experts – graduates of Higher Marine and Engineering Schools. The high qualification and the long practical experience of our servants guarantee their high standard working performance in all kinds of inspections of vessels.

BULCARGO LTD is specialized in qualitative and quantitative inspections of all kinds of goods from import/export,laboratory analyses and expertise, damage assessments:

  • Inspection of goods quantity during loading/discharging from vehicles – trucks, containers,vessels.
  • Bulk cargo – sampling, weighing and superintendency, performing laboratory analyses in accredited laboratories.
  • Estimation of vehicles suitability for transportation and inspection of cargo lashings.
  • Damage assessments and Average reports.

Our services are strongly recommended for clients with requirements of any merchandise inspections prior to purchasing in order to confirm properties expected. Inspections and assessments are carried out with modern technical equipment by highly qualified staff in accredited laboratories. The results are summarized in certificates, issued in accordance to the International Standards and recognized by all national and international institutions.
Bulcargo Ltd performs precise and reliable inspections for quality and quantity of agricultural products in fresh or preserved condition – cereals (wheat, barley, corn, rice), fodder, fruit and vegetables, coffee, sugar, sunflower seeds, etc. The issued certificates include detailed information about the weight and parameters of the cargo.
To ascertain the condition of goods modern methods are used for measuring, laboratory analyses and expertise by specialists with proven qualification and long standing experience in inspection of goods.
In case of discrepancies between the declared and ascertained quantity and quality of the goods (shortage, damage) we assess claims, apply pictures, etc.A specialized team of experts is in charge of marine surveys.Experts certified to perform container inspections are also available.
Inspecting fuels, chemicals, lubricants, building materials, etc., BULCARGO Ltd. effects researches for admixtures and pollutants or chemical analysis, measures the physical parameters according to the requirements of the client – color, density, flash point, viscosity, etc.
For the inspections of metals and metal products we offer physical analyses, measuring of the weight, sizes, inspection of the surface for cracks, rust, defective articles, etc. In addition, we monitor the transportation conditions such as loading and lashing technologies and safety precautions. For machinery and technical equipment we offer inspections for integrity of the technical elements, as well supervision of conditions of packaging and marking, etc. On the base of mutual agreement, our experts can enhance the control to more detailed audit.