BULCARGO LTD performs lashing and securing on vessels carrying sheet iron, coils, equipment, heavypackages (over 130t single weight) and other cargo, requiring essential knowledge, equipment, materials and abilities.
We have invested in up to date high technology and specialized equipment for lashing and unlashing of cargo. We work in compliance with the requirements of the classification organizations, strictly observing the technique for safe work and fire prevention. Our team is built of personnel with the required high qualification and huge experience.
During the carriage cargo units are exposed to forces with different amount and direction, depending on the different kinds of transport – maritime, vehicular, railway, air or multimodal. It is a well-known fact that appropriate lashing and securing of the cargo is a vital moment in the whole transportation process. We are experts in lashing and securing of your cargo, preventing damages during transportation.
The permanent qualifying of our staff at all levels is a part of our quality management system, which we apply, with the purpose of entirely satisfying all requirements of our clients.
We are available at just a phone call to help you in preparing the exact scheme of securing and the appropriate lashing materials on the basis of your request and transit conditions.

Dangerous goods are those materials that pose a physical threat to persons, property and the environment through their physical and chemical properties.They are regularly used as an integral part of many production processes. It is important that proper care is taken when storing, handling and using Dangerous goods.

BULCARGO Ltd will perform all necessary operations to ensure safe storage, transportation and quality monitoring of Dangerous Goods in compliance with relevant requirements and international standards.